Bundle of 3 – Mini Collector Figures

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Series 1


3D figurines : 2 ¾” (7cm) tall

Brave Rusty cast away the comforts of kittypet life to defend, and then lead ThunderClan as the legendary Firestar; while the adaptable Leafstar – once a rogue with no clan at all – took leadership of SkyClan after its reformation. These humble and brilliant leaders will always defend their Clans.

Graystripe and Jayfeather are two of the most important cats of ThunderClan – Graystripe for his kindness, loyalty, and devotion to his Clanmates; and Jayfeather for his skills as a healer, his prophetic visions, and of course, his inimitable bedside manner.

Tigerstar’s ruthless ambition and cunning sent shockwaves through the Clans, and his evil deeds will haunt future generations of warriors. But his daughter, Tawnypelt, looks to forge her own legacy – a legacy of honour, courage, and doing what’s right

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