Warriors The New Prophecy Starlight Book

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Warriors The New Prophecy Starlight Book.

Erin Hunter's Warriors series, which has been a national best-seller, continues with the fourth instalment of the New Prophecy series!

Warriors: The New Prophecy #4: Starlight, is the fourth book in this second series and brings with it more adventure, intrigue, and dramatic combat to the vast world of the warrior Clans.

But blood will shed blood before there is peace....

The Clans have finally made it to their new home, and they must now struggle to establish boundaries, learn about hidden threats, and find a new way to connect with StarClan. More than one cat, however, has evil ideas that could lead to violence and darkness, and the warriors begin to realise that the challenges they encounter in the forest may not be as grave as the dangers they face from within.

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