Warriors A Starless Clan River Book

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Warriors A Starless Clan River Book.

Erin Hunter's #1 bestselling Warriors series kicks off a wild new adventure!

They've always followed the rules, but must change to keep the peace...

The warrior Clans are entering a new era. As leaders from all five Clans agree that the Warrior Code needs to be rewritten, a new generation of warriors emerges—one grappling with the legacy of his great ancestor Firestar, another striving to safeguard her troubled Clan, and still another yearning to establish herself as a medicine cat.

When tragedy strikes RiverClan, however, old concerns will reassert themselves, jeopardising the new peace... Unless these three young kittens are able to calm down the approaching storm.

Action, mystery, and adventure abound in this seventh installment of the great Warriors series. This first book is a great place to start for new readers, while seasoned readers will discover the events following the Broken Code. 

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