Warriors Manga The Lost Warrior Book

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Warriors Manga The Lost Warrior Book.

A manga journey from Erin Hunter's #1 New York Times bestselling Warriors series!

Follow ThunderClan warrior Graystripe after he is captured by Twolegs in Warriors: The New Prophecy #3: Dawn and starts on a tough journey home in this first book of the Graystripe's Adventure manga arc.

ThunderClan deputy Graystripe is seized while attempting to help his friends escape when the Twolegs demolish the warrior Clans' forest home! Graystripe is trapped in the luxurious lifestyle of a kittypet, receiving all of his food and shelter from his adoring Twoleg family—but the forest is beckoning him. When he befriends Millie, a feisty kittypet, she inspires him to look for his missing companions. But will Graystripe ever return to the Clan?

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